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The Happy, Holy Mama Membership
The only reason to homeschool is because God calls you to it.
You've been called,
now learn how to enjoy it without stress.

Hi! I'm Emily and I can help you create the Catholic homeschooling experience you've always dreamed of.

 The curriculum you picked is beautiful, but feels overwhelming.

And yet, you still have the feeling you’re not doing enough.

Promised field trips and playdates never happen, because you’re worried they’ll get further behind if you take time off.

You spend more time lecturing them about their behavior than you do connecting with them.

And every time you turn around the toddler is on the top of the refrigerator!

You’re trying to balance the house and homeschooling, but nothing is actually getting least not well.

If you're spending your days feeling overwhelmed with frustration and doubt...

...feeling confusing because you know how blessed you are, but just aren't feeling blessed...

...then, I want you to know two things:


You are not alone.

It doesn't have to be this hard.

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Are you not enjoying homeschooling?
Nothing's wrong with you.
You just need to
learn a few key skills
to help you enjoy the journey.

In the Happy, Holy Mama Membership you'll learn how to:

  • Make confident decisions without second guessing.
  • Manage your school time like an expert.
  • Juggle multiple children's education simply and confidently.
  • Plan your unique home and homeschool with the Lord.
  • Actually follow through with those plans.
  • Create healthy boundaries that protect your peace.
  • Evaluate effectively to stay on track.
  • Handle unwanted behavior, distractions, interruptions, lack of effort and productivity with grace.
  • Cultivate the relationships you want with your kids now that will help you stay connected long after they graduate.
  • Curate a balance of home and school that will support your unique family's lifestyle.
And you'll have lifetime support
to help you confidently
cross the finish line. 
Stop wasting time...

Stop wasting time searching for ways to deal with unwanted behavior and disrupted plans.

Lead by example...

Respond to the typical ups and downs of life calmly and with grace...the way you want your kids to.

Start dreaming again...

Start actually doing the fun things in your homeschool that you dreamed about when you started!

Happy, Holy Mama is right for you if...
You've heard the call from God to homeschool your children and are, or are ready to, give Him your Yes, your Fiat!
You feel blessed, but struggle with self-doubt.
You want to plan your homeschool with the Lord, so it's not all on you anymore. 
You know there's a better way to organize your homeschool lifestyle, but need a little help figuring out what it needs to look like for your unique family.
You have dreams for your homeschool that you can't seem to make happen on your own and it feels out of your control.
You want a gentle guide to help you uproot the sneaky lies that creep in from the world and root you in God's loving truth so you don't stay stuck.
In the membership you can expect to:
Think and Feel Better
Learn how to:
  • Filter your thoughts through the Holy Spirit,

  • Unite your will with God's Will,

  • Regulate your negative emotions quickly.
  You'll also learn simple tools and processes to:
  • Make confident decisions.

  • Create healthy boundaries.

  • Stop giving into distraction,

  • Put and keep your life in Right Order.

These are THE most powerful things you can do to affect change in your life, which is why they are the FIRST thing you'll learn inside the program!
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Improve Your Relationships
Learn how to:
  • Handle and respond to your children's behavior with grace.

  • Lead by example as the adult you want them to become.

  • Heal painful relationships.

  • Start thinking more like Mary and less like Eve.

  • Be your children's emotional coach and connect with your children regardless of what's happening. (This is one of the most popular lessons in the whole program!)
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Manage Your Time
Learn how to:
  • Plan your homeschool with the Lord.
  • Steward the time God gives you efficiently.

  • Create home and homeschool routines to support your family's unique education goals, even during the hard seasons of life.

  • Become an expert in implementing the best plans with proven protocols, even when juggling multiple kids and learning challenges.

  • Make your life as open-and-go as possible.
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Master Catholic Homeschooling Mindset and Strategy
Become rooted and convicted in your Catholic homeschool calling, discovering the unique goals God has for your family.
You'll learn how to:
  • Make excellent decisions about your homeschool without second guessing,

  • Create doable and repeatable homeschool routines,

  • Evaluate as you go to stay on track so you never feel behind.
Quite simply, I love my life and the people in it more!

"Quite simply, I love my life and the people in it more! Through the membership program, homeschooling has become a personal path of growth and learning for me alongside my children. Emily is an extraordinary guide and mentor, transforming my mindset of inadequacy, fear, and overwhelm around homeschooling to an ever-increasing confidence and peace that spills out into all areas of my life and all of my relationships."


I'll support you every step of the way with lifetime access to...
Weekly Coaching
Whether you're just getting started with homeschooling or have been at it for years, weekly mindset coaching helps you get unstuck and feel better quickly.

We coach on everything in your life so you feel better, nothing's off limits! Because your homeschool affects everything else in your life and everything in your life affects your homeschooling.

Replays are available if you can't make it live!
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Monthly Workshops
Dive into the nitty-gritty details you are struggling with in your unique homeschool and walk away with a specific plan tailored to your unique family to implement immediately.

This includes beginning of the year planning workshops and mid-year evaluation and tweaking workshops!

Replays are available of all our live events so you never miss out!
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Online Community

One of the most vital aspects of this program is the saintly cheering squad who have your back day every single day!

Build connections and deep, lasting friendships with other Catholic homeschool moms who are on the same path as you!

And yep, we're off Facebook! No FB account required.

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Want a sneak peek into the
Happy, Holy Mama Member Portal? 
Click the video to see what you'll get inside after you join the Membership!
Here's what you can expect along the journey...
Your kids are only in your home for a short time...enjoy the time you have with them more!
You'll create morning and evening routines that support your homeschooling goals.
You'll organize your day according to your unique priorities.
You'll make confident decisions about curriculum without second guessing.
You'll have balance between school and homemaking with healthy boundaries.
You'll respond with self-control to unwanted behavior instead of overreact.
You won't take your children's attitudes, choices, or lack of effort personally.
You'll come to coaching or reach in our online community or via email whenever you feel stuck, so you get unstuck and back to work faster.
"Being coached by Emily feels good and hopeful and insightful.

Being coached by Emily feels good and hopeful and insightful. I think so much of the coaching principles translate well to so many areas of life and as a result the group coaching is really helpful.  Just hearing the process is really helpful, and seeing what questions are asked, and especially that they are asked without judgment, it is so powerful.  It's witnessing first hand how being objective can diffuse emotions, and how that in turn can get the intellect back up and on track to help the person move forward and get unstuck.  It's really helpful.  It's also helpful because I don't feel alone.  I find it hard to trust other women.  This group of women who really want help and are vulnerable with their own issues is just amazing."


Become a
happier, holier mama
sooner than you think!

And your Lifetime Membership
means you'll have support
all the way through the finish line.
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Save BIG with one, upfront payment!
(saves $400!)
Make monthly payments for one year, have access for LIFE!

$200 per month for 12 months

What makes Happy, Holy Mama special?

The content and coaching is 100% geared to a Catholic homeschooling lifestyle!

The stuff we have to keep organized and track of as homeschoolers is just unique.

The way we manage our time is a unique.

The way we interact with our children and the relationships we have with them are different than for moms who are not with their children all day long.

And our Catholic faith makes our homeschooling goals just different than those of the secular world.

I wanted to create a community where you'll never hear someone ask you if you should "think about just sending your kids to school" instead of homeschooling, when things get tough.

You will feel truly supportived and uplifted by this phenomenal group of Catholic women and coaches!

Why join?
Grow your knowledge.

Understand the brain science behind why you do what you do and how to work WITH your brain to create deep, internal change.

Grow your skills.

Practice proven skills to think, feel, and do better in your life, regardless of what's going on around you!

Grow your confidence.

Create rhythms and routines that work for you, evaluate, and tweak along the way so you never feel behind again!

And have support every step of the way!
You're in good company
'Working with Emily as my Catholic life coach is the most powerful step in self-care I have ever taken.'

"Working with Emily as my Catholic life coach is the most powerful step in self-care I have ever taken. Her prayerful and thoughtful guidance helped me work through issues that had kept me feeling stuck for years. Each week we dig a little deeper to discern how God is inviting me to process the fear, and pain from my past so that it doesn't prevent me from stepping into the holy work of my present life.

With grace and compassion, Emily validates my experiences, challenges my indulgent thoughts, and provides me with tools to identify and let go of old patterns that don’t serve me. Instead, I’m learning to truly place my trust in God, to celebrate the life I have been given, and to live each day more intentionally by managing my thoughts and actions.

Although coaching with Emily was a gift I gave to myself, it’s apparent that the Lord is blessing my entire family with the fruits of this time spent together!"


'You are worth the investment.'

'You are worth the investment. Moms set the tone for the household. We need to be instruments of God’s peace to create the environment for a happy holy home. The best way to do that is through learning the tools to take captive our mind for Christ.'


'I was at a crossroads...'

'I was at a crossroads in healing and improvement and was looking for where God wanted me to go next. Happy Holy Mama stepped in, and the Holy Spirit launched me into a whole new world of growth. I'm facing things "head on" and so many things are coming together. I can face difficult or uncomfortable things that come up because I don't have to be afraid of feeling a feeling. I can do hard things!!'


'Being coached by Emily is like receiving a hug....'

'Being coached by Emily is like receiving a hug from a loving, compassionate friend. A friend who won't back down and just say what you want to hear, which is no friend at all, but one who truly has your best interests in mind and wants you to become the best version of yourself that God himself desires.'


Ready to enjoy your Catholic homeschool lifestyle more than ever?
One Payment
Save with one, upfront payment.
Payment Plan
Pay for one year, have access for LIFE!

$200 per month for 12 months
I've answered the most common questions below; for any others,
please get in touch.

What makes this program different?
You can go anywhere on the internet and get advice about life and homeschooling. This is the only program out there specifically designed for Catholic homeschool moms to earn the equivalent of a Masters degree in their own human psychology – which is essentially what happens when you have a coach and learn how to manage your mind. And when you learn how to do this crucial step, then everything in your life, including homeschooling, becomes simple, clear, and doable.
When does the program start?
You have instant access to the entire program including the weekly coaching calls the minute you join. You also have acccess to the replay recordings of all past coaching calls and workshops to watch while you wait for the next live coaching call! Our current calls meet on Tuesdays at 10:00am PST and our Monthly Homeschool Workshops are typically the second Thursday of the month.
What's the online community for?
In our online community I will offer more frequent interaction with our members, which means extra opportunities for coaching and support from me, your coach! This is where we will ask for prayer intentions, celebrate wins, and support each other. This is a huge benefit of the membership!
Are there refunds?
Because you get immediate access to all my courses, materials, and coaching replays this program is non-refundable. However, if at any point you're unhappy with the Membership, I encourage you to reach out to me to arrange a time to talk about your experience and see how I can serve you best.
Do you offer a free trial?
Because the Member Portal houses all of the replays of our group coaching calls, I do not offer a free trial of the program. This is entirely to protect the privacy and dignity of the members so they can feel safe to share vulnerably without fear of who will see it. Thank you for helping me respect the work they are doing.
Do you offer private coaching?
I do! As a Catholic homeschooler, you can get everything you need through the recorded content and group coaching and workshops within the program! However, I understand that you might want to do some of your work privately. If you would like to work with me one-on-one, private coaching packages are available to purchase inside the program. If you’re NOT a homeschooler and are interested in private coaching only, please book a Consult Call with me so we can discuss your needs and how I can best serve you. I have limited private coaching spots available for non-homeschoolers.
What does "Lifetime Access" mean?
It is my mission to support you as long as possible, through all the seasons of life and homeschooling. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon! Therefore, as long as I'm in business you'll have access to my study vault.
Do you work with non-homeschoolers? Or non-Catholic Christians?
Yes! I have a limited number of private coaching spots available to work with non-homeschoolers as well as non-Catholic Christians. The Happy, Holy Mama Membership was created with Catholic homeschoolers in mind, so if you’d like to work with me privately, please book a free Consult Call so we can discuss how I can serve you best!
Have more questions?
If you have more questions that are not answered here, please email me at and I will respond shortly.
I look at this investment like any other in my health: necessary. 

'Being coached by Emily is the voice of a gentle, kind, older sister listening just as much as pointing with suggestions of how to cross the rocky creek of life with its white rapids as well as calm still waters, pointing out to notice those too. Also, I love group coaching more than I thought before I joined. It helps me see my own life from a different lens. I think it gives the same perspective that a well written book offers. Both a cathartic lens of looking at my own life as well as a pace car of how I talk to myself and others.

I look at this investment like any other in my health: necessary.'


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