The Happy, Holy Mama Membership
You feel called to homeschool, but wish you enjoyed it more.







These are words you would like to describe yourself with.










You might think you're unhappy because of...
  •  Your children’s attitudes, behavior
  • Their lack of motivation (or yours)
  • Your husband (or his job)  
  • Your budget
 Or you blame yourself by thinking it's: 

  • Your education, or lack thereof
  • You don’t have the right curriculum
  • You have too much stuff
  • You’re not organized enough
  • You’re not good at planning
  • You’re not patient enough
  • You have too much to do and not enough time
  • Not enough YOU.
Here's the thing no one tells you:
Homeschooling is 

You're just trying to do it the other way around.
Which is why your life and homeschool feel disordered.

A disordered life stems from an unmanaged brain.
You see, your mindset isn’t just important , it's VITAL to creating the life, and homeschool, you love.
Because without a clear mindset, nothing you DO will work the way you want it to.

Which is why you’ve tried ALL the planners, curricula, and Pinterest suggestions…
and yet you still feel stuck.
Because no planner can solve for an unmanaged brain.

You need a Coach for that.
Hi, I'm Emily!
I help you put your life in Right Order

Wife of 17 years to Lucas and mom of 7 stellar Catholic kids who are obsessed with swim, theater, animals, and each other!

And we LOVE homeschooling!

I'm also a certified Life Coach who has devoted my life to helping Catholic families fall in love with God through their relationships and homeschooling lifestyle.

I believe we can win the world back for God's kingdom one family at a time.

And I truly believe it can all start with the Mama.

After trying private school, public school, and Catholic school,
here's what we learned:

The grass is not always greener on someone else's playground.
We were being CALLED
to homeschool

I just needed to figure out what that meant for our own family.

Because every homeschool is as unique the family being called to do it.

So if you've been trying to replicate what works for someone else's homeschool or even trying to replicate school at home, it's likely because you're not trusting yourself to know what's best for your family.

And not being willing to trust yourself, or God, with your home and homeschooling, is why it's felt so hard.
40% of all CEOs have a coach.

They know how valuable it is to have a clear mind, set specific goals, make the best decisions, and keep focused on the most important things for the success of their company.

As the CEO of your home, the one who manages the bulk of the plans, goals, decisions, and schedules for your family -
you are just as valuable.
My 3-Step Process
teaches you HOW to:

1. Think Better and Feel Better
2. Improve Your Relationships
3. Implement Time and Homeschool Strategies that work for your unique family.
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And I support you in coaching every single step of the way to help keep you on track,
even when things don't go as planned.
In my program you have everything you need to give God your wholehearted YES on a daily basis.
Without holding anything back or arguing with Him anymore.
So you can finally ENJOY the experience of your life.

And as we all know...
When Mom feels better, the ENTIRE family feels better.
"Quite simply, I love my life and the people in it more! Through the membership program, homeschooling has become a personal path of growth and learning for me alongside my children. Emily is an extraordinary guide and mentor, transforming my mindset of inadequacy, fear, and overwhelm around homeschooling to an ever-increasing confidence and peace that spills out into all areas of my life and all of my relationships."
Mama of 4
Teachers in brick-and-mortar schools have continuing education classes they take every year to maintain their teaching certification and go deeper into new tools and strategies to improve their teaching for their students.
Now Catholic Homeschoolers have a Continuing Education program for themselves.
It's called Happy, Holy Mama!
How the Program Works
to my proven program to help you Learn, Practice, and Master:
Learn how to manage your mind, filter your thoughts through the Holy Spirit, unite your will with God's Will, and regulate your emotions.

This is THE most powerful thing you can do and it's the FIRST thing I teach you inside the program!
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Make confident decisions, create healthy boundaries, and
become the EXPERT
in your parenting and homeschool.
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Get the most important things done with calm confidence.
The program alone will help you feel better right away.

Whether you're just getting started with homeschooling or have been at it for years, weekly mindset coaching helps you tailor this work to your unique life, through all the seasons of life and homeschooling.

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Dive into the nitty-gritty details you are struggling with in your unique homeschool and walk away with a specific plan tailored to your unique family to implement immediately.
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One of the most vital aspects of this program is the saintly cheering squad who have your back day every single day!

Build connections and deep, lasting friendships with other Catholic homeschool moms who are on the same path as you!

Click on the video below to watch a short Sneak Peak into everything you have access to with your Happy, Holy Mama Lifetime Membership!

What's Group Coaching like?

When you come to coaching you are often feeling worried, confused, angry, and overwhelmed.  

You are emotionally elevated, which means your intellect is low.

During coaching your emotional state comes down and your intellect re-engages. 

You walk away feeling calmer AND you know what you want to do next.

It’s amazing.

When you watch someone else get coached, something even more magical happens.

You hear their problems, which are incredibly similar to your own experience, but your emotions are not engaged in the moment. 

Which means your intellect can hear the coaching the other person receives and is able to apply it to your own problems faster and deeper.

And because you have access to replays of all the coaching calls (past workshops, etc.) in the program, then you can go back and watch your own coaching later on with less emotion and higher intellect…

and you will take away even more the second time around from your own coaching!

The beauty of group coaching is that you will often take away more from someone else’s coaching than of your own.

Because when your emotions are not elevated, then the logical, reasoning part of your brain is more engaged.

You can receive the coaching more easily without being clouded by your own judgments, opinions, and assumptions. 

And because you have access to replays of all the coaching calls (past workshops, etc.) in the program,
then you can go back and watch your own coaching later on with less emotion and higher intellect…

and you will take away even more the second time around from your own coaching!

The beauty of group coaching is that you will often take away more from someone else’s coaching than of your own.

Because when your emotions are not elevated, then the logical, reasoning part of your brain is more engaged.

You can receive the coaching more easily without being clouded by your own judgments, opinions, and assumptions. 

"Listening to other people being coached, I always learn something that can be applied to my own unique circumstances. I realize how similar our struggles as mothers are across the board. I used to be too embarrassed to be coached, but homeschooling left me so humbled that I was eager to have all the help I could find. Once I got over the initial nerves, the clarity and direction I received from Emily, and the supportive comments from fellow members proved both rewarding and encouraging. I always walk away with more hope. During a hard week, knowing I can come together to troubleshoot whatever is feeling hard, problematic or downright impossible is incredibly reassuring. Consistent weekly coaching also gives me dedicated time each week for adult conversation, which can be hard to come by when homeschooling little people!"
Mom of 4
When you do this work, then you...
  •  Become confident.
  • Become decisive.
  • Become proactive instead of being reactive.
  • Learn how to stay in the present moment. 
  • Become productive instead of stuck.
  • Have more peace during the day.
  • Have more self-control.
  • Stop worrying. 
  • Trust God. 
  • Have more patience.
  • Have more kindness for yourself and your kids.
  • Become a more gentle mother.
  • Become a happier wife and mother.  
My clients say they...
  •  Have time to do their hair in the morning!
  • Have time to do her make up when she wants to!
  • Have time to get the laundry done.
  • Have the mental bandwidth to plan AND go on field trips they’ve been promising.
  • Allow time for snuggling and reading aloud, without beating herself up later for being ‘behind.’
  • Stopped second guessing herself all the time.
  • Stopped wasting time on your phone.
  • Post more happy pictures on social media because she’s genuinely excited about what they’re doing!
  • She’s not afraid to try new things. 
  • Talk about their faith in all the subjects as the Holy Spirit inspires her, instead of hiding the faith to focus on the ‘work.’
  • Aren’t afraid to spend money on the things SHE needs, like a haircut, new clothes…because when she feels good it affects her whole mood!
  • Stopped stressed eating!
  • Stopped stress cleaning!
  • Stopped stress shopping! 
Two ways to begin your Lifetime Access to
Happy, Holy Mama 
Pay over time and have access for LIFE!

*After 12 months your payments stop, but you have access for LIFE! 
One Time
Pay once, save, and have access for LIFE!

Save $400!
The Happy, Holy Mama Membership
Will Re-Open for Enrollment
January 5-12, 2024
Want to work with me as your Catholic Life Coach, but don't want to wait?
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Book a free Consult Call with me.
During your free Consult Call I will help you get crystal clear about what is keeping you feeling stuck and disconnected.
You will leave our call:
*Certain of what you want for your life instead,
*Clear about what needs to happen to get you there,
*Confident in your decision to begin coaching with me, or not. Confident either way.

FAQ about the Happy, Holy Mama Membership

What makes this program different?

You can go anywhere on the internet and get advice about life and homeschooling. This is the only program out there specifically designed for Catholic homeschool moms to earn the equivalent of a Masters degree in their own human psychology – which is essentially what happens when you have a coach and learn how to manage your mind. And when you learn how to do this crucial step, then everything in your life, including homeschooling, becomes simple, clear, and doable.

When does the program start?

You have instant access to the entire program including the weekly coaching calls the minute you join. You also have acccess to the replay recordings of all past coaching calls and workshops to watch while you wait for the next live coaching call! Our current calls meet on Tuesdays at 10:00am PST and our Monthly Homeschool Workshops are typically the second Thursday of the month.

Do you offer private coaching?

I do! You can get everything you need through the recorded content and group coaching within the program! However, I understand that you might want to do some of your work privately. If you would like to work with me one-on-one, private coaching packages are available to purchase inside the program.

If you’re interested in private coaching only, please book a Consult Call with me so we can discuss your needs and how I can best serve you. This option is for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike.

What is the Facebook group for?

In our Facebook community I will offer more frequent interaction with our members, which means extra opportunities for coaching and support from me, your coach! This is where we will ask for prayer intentions, celebrate wins, and support each other. This is a huge benefit of the membership!

Do I have to have a Facebook account?

Not at all!

If you are completely opposed to having a Facebook account, then you are most certainly welcome to join the membership and will be utterly transformed by the courses and coaching calls alone!

However, in order to be part of our interactive community outside the coaching calls, then yes, you will need to have a Facebook account. I completely understand many wish to limit their online use. So if this is you, then I suggest creating a Facebook account just for our group, with a generic name and picture. When you request to join our private Facebook group you will be prompted to give the name and email address you signed up for HHM with, so I can let you in!

Are there refunds?

Because you get immediate access to all my courses, materials, and coaching replays this program is non-refundable.

Do you offer a free trial?

Because the Member Portal houses all of the replays of our group coaching calls, I do not offer a free trial of the program. This is entirely to protect the privacy and dignity of the members so they can feel safe to share vulnerably without fear of who will see it. Thank you for helping me respect the work they are doing.

What does "Lifetime Access" mean?

It is my mission to support you as long as possible, through all the seasons of life and homeschooling. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon! Therefore, as long as I'm in business you'll have access to my study vault.

Have More Questions?

If you have more questions that are not answered here, please email me at and I will respond shortly.

Why isn't HHM open all the time?

Fantastic question! I want to be able to focus on teaching and coaching my new members on the foundational tools as much as possible, to set you up for long-term success. In fact, following each open enrollment period I host weekly calls specifically for new members to help you learn the foundational tools quickly and efficiently!

In order to do this at the highest level, I have a limited amount of time that the program is open for throughout the year, so that I can focus on my new members more intentionally. I hope you join me!

Do you work with non-homeschoolers? Or non-Catholic Christians?

Yes! As of right now, I do work with non-homeschoolers as well as non-Catholic Christians. The Happy, Holy Mama Membership was created with Catholic homeschoolers in mind, so if you’d like to work with me, please book a free Consult Call so we can discuss working together privately!

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