Life Coaching for Catholic Homeschool Moms

Connect deeply with your kids,
gain peace and self-confidence,
be more productive,
and enjoy your home and homeschooling
so much more!

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You're a homeschooler,
because you want to give your kids
better than what the world offers them.

But it doesn't feel the way you thought it would.

The curriculum you picked is beautiful, but feels overwhelming.

And yet, you still have the feeling you’re not doing enough.

You spend hours grading and not enough of the cozy, carefree time you looked forward to when you started.

Promised field trips and playdates never happen, because you’re worried they’ll get further behind if you take time off.

Your kids are fighting with each other all the time and you don’t know what to do.

You spend more time lecturing them about how to respond appropriately to their mother than you do connecting with them.

And every time you turn around the toddler is on the top of the refrigerator.

You feel guilty whenever you see the stack of unfinished, overdue read-alouds.

You’re trying to balance the house and homeschooling, but nothing is actually getting done, at least not well. 

You send your husband angry and frustrated texts all day complaining about the kid’s attitudes, to the point where he’s ready to send them to school to give you a break.

When your mom calls and wants to know what you’ve been up to all day, you’re at a loss of what to tell her, because you’re afraid of what she’ll say.

You’ve tried to implement the advice that seasoned homeschoolers give you or that you read on a blog. It worked for a little while, sort of, but then somewhere along the line it stopped working
and now you feel like you’re back at square one.

Nothing's wrong with you.
You just need to learn how to enjoy the journey!

Hi, I'm Emily!
I help you put your life in Right Order

Wife of 17 years to Lucas and mom of 7 stellar Catholic kids who are obsessed with swim, theater, animals, and each other!

And we LOVE homeschooling!

I'm also a certified Life Coach who has devoted my life to helping Catholic families fall in love with God through their relationships and homeschooling lifestyle.

I believe we can win the world back for God's kingdom one family at a time.

And I truly believe it can all start with the Mama

After trying private school, public school, and Catholic school,
here's what we learned:

The grass is not always greener on someone else's playground.
We were being CALLED
to homeschool

I just needed to figure out what that meant for our own family.

Because every homeschool is as unique the family being called to do it.

So if you've been trying to replicate what works for someone else's homeschool or even trying to replicate school at home, it's likely because you're not trusting yourself to know what's best for your family.

And not being willing to trust yourself, or God, with your home and homeschooling, is why it's felt so hard.

And after all my trial and error, here's the secret I learned, that no one tells you:
There is no right way to homeschool.
Only the way you make right for your family.

The reason that the curricula, planners, advice from bloggers, more seasoned homeschoolers, and social media groups haven’t worked for you (for more than five minutes) is that they are geared only toward teaching you their strategy.

You’ve been trying to replicate what has worked for someone else.

But, you are a unique mama, with unique children, and unique circumstances.

Let homeschooling be simple.
I'm so much more than a Homeschool Consultant.
I am your Life Coach.
Which means that

When you learn how to think differently and gain confidence, then you stop looking to other people to tell you what to do for your family and instead you BECOME the expert.

When we work together I teach you the most important skills you need with simple tools,
so you can start enjoying the experience of your life
and start answering this call from God to homeschool your children more intentionally.

My simple, proven process
helps you learn how to 
trust yourself and
create the right way 
to homeschool your family,
regardless of your unique circumstances
or the season of life you’re currently in.
And it's easier than you think.
Mind Management

  • Learn how to have awareness of the negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck 
  • Practical, doable tools to get out of the negative thought patterns quickly so you can show up the way you want to.
  • Set aside the judgments you have about yourself and about your kids.
  • Tap into what you want for your future relationships with your children and start taking intentional steps to create them now.
  • Learn the art of self-discipline so you never have to rely on willpower to do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Learn how to make high quality, confident decisions without second guessing yourself.
Emotional Regulation
  •  You learn how to regulate your own emotions so you stop living in fear, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm all the time.
  •  You learn how to teach your children how to regulate theirs.
  • You stop making decisions from stress and overwhelm.
  • You stop people pleasing and/or overreacting to normal stresses of life.
Time Management
  • Set healthy boundaries to protect the peace you learn how to create during coaching.
  • Set Goals and Prioritize your time week to week by creating doable routines that actually work for you.
  • Plan ahead for the hard days like when kids are sick, you’re pregnant, or in the newborn phase, so life can keep going and you never feel ‘behind.’
  • Plan for intentional breaks to stay connected with yourself, with God, your husband, and your kids.
Catholic Homeschool Strategy
  •  Set aside the worldly expectations of education. You said No to that for a reason.
  • Set aside expectations of how you thought homeschooling should look.
  •  Root yourself in God’s plan for your family, so that you get the most important things done every day.
  • Evaluate quickly and efficiently, so you’re confident about what you should be focusing on at any given time.
  • Homeschool for heaven, while also ensuring that your kids are prepared to do the work God has for them to do in this world. 
  • We meet weekly so I can help you clean up your brain of all the doubt, fear, and distrust that is blocking your God-given wisdom on a consistent, reliable basis.
  • Together we make a doable plan for you to protect the peace you leave each session with, so you can maintain the calm you desire to have and show up the way you actually want to.
  • Have accountability rooted in the Holy Spirit as you learn how to evaluate and tweak along the way so you make continual progress toward you goals.
  • Email support as needed.
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Being coached by Emily is like talking to an encouraging best friend who believes in you when you don't believe in yourself. Emily is full of empathy and understanding, but her questions are penetrating and you realize that her carefully nuanced inquiries are there to reveal your own wisdom and help you to establish roots to begin believing in yourself. She helps me to find clarity in my thoughts and feelings. The practical advice, mindset work, and spiritual guidance flow into all aspects of my life: prayer, marriage, mothering, homemaking, homeschooling, and friendship. She is full of tender love and encouragement, quick to light up with a smile and share her own vulnerability, thereby creating a space of intimacy and inspiration in her coaching calls. Basically, Emily is a Jedi Master and a guide of Gandalf caliber on this path to Heaven.
Mama of 4
Here’s are just SOME of the actual results Catholic Homeschoolers are now experiencing
after working with me:
  •  She is no longer sending angry, desperate texts to her husband during the day.
  • She is better able to regulate her emotions to become calm and peaceful, faster.
  • She has stopped people pleasing.
  • She got hours back in her day that used to be spent grading, worrying, researching, and getting distracted on her phone. 
  • The weekends are actual days off.
  • She no longer goes to bed feeling drained and now wakes up rested.
  • She is listening deeply to her children, instead of over explaining and shaming them. 
  • She spends quality time with her husband every single day.
  • She’s laughing with and creating memories with her kids.
  • She has time to deep clean her pantry and trade the seasonal clothes over.
  • She’s trusting herself to know when it’s time to pause a curriculum to focus on the essentials.
  • She is connecting with God throughout the day, instead of waiting for “all the stars to align” for her quiet prayer time to happen. 
  • She no longer sees challenges in children’s behavior or education as deficits.
  • She sees her children’s ‘failures’ as opportunities for growth, instead of problems that need to be fixed.
  • She is better able to allow other people to have their emotions without taking them on herself.
  • She no longer feels overwhelmed by her child’s autism.
  • She trusts herself to know what is best for her child with ADHD.
  • She’s really enjoying her teenagers.
  • She is able to quickly evaluate any given situation to know exactly what she should be doing, instead of freezing in indecision.
  • Her husband has noticed the positive changes in her.
  • She’s training her kids to do chores well, so it’s not all on her. 
  • She has said to her husband, “I’m really loving our life!”
  • She is more willing to tweak and pivot when things aren’t working, rather than abandon plans and waste time (and money) on entirely new things.
  • She unites her will to God’s will every single day, even on the hard days.
  • Her kids are making consistent progress in their studies.
  • She’s incorporating more of what they are interested in.
  • She has a doable morning routine that allows them to get what she wants done before school starts. 
  • She takes a break every day
  • She smiles at her husband when he comes home after work and her marriage feels more connected. 
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