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Happy, Holy Mama Membership

Become the Calm, Joyful, Peaceful, and Strategic Catholic Homeschooler that God is calling you to be.

In the Membership you will learn how to:

  •  Uproot the negative mindset keeping you stuck so you make consistent forward progress every single week.
  • Regulate your emotions to stop overreacting and start connecting.
  • Prioritize and actually follow through with your plans with:
    • Time Management Skills and Strategies
    • Weekly accountability and mindset coaching
    • Put Your Life in Right Order Home and Homeschool Catholic Planner
    • Monthly Strategy Workshops rooted in the Catholic faith. 
  • Set Healthy Boundaries that protect your peace instead of keep your kids at arms length (or letting them walk all over you).
  • Become more adaptable WHEN things don't go the way you planned with acceptance and trust in the Holy Spirit.
  • Live in the present moment and love without conditions.

All in a deeply faith-filled community of Catholic homeschoolers who are your new saintly cheering squad!

The Happy, Holy Mama Membership will be open for enrollment
January 5-12, 2024!

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